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“Matt and his team are truly amazing. Even before I was paying for their service I was getting a ton of support.”

Developing A Sucessful Brand

“Establishing credibility, professionalism, and authority are what will determine your level of success in business. Of course, you get the referrals and name recognition over time, but when you take a deeper look into the benefits of developing a credible brand, you see how crucial it really is. 

We wanted to create a logo design that would attract the attention of property managers, realtors, wealthy homeowners, and local business owners looking for junk removal services online.


The logo had to tell a story about how we are local trash haulers who offer an eco-friendly junk removal solution. Additionally, we wanted the story to reach younger, higher-earning demographics online so we didn’t include a phone number or even a website, just the #iHaulJunk.” Matt Fitch,

Three professionals are engaged in a discussion over a digital tablet in a modern office setting.
A person in business attire is touching a transparent digital interface with abstract squares, with blurred figures in the background.

Start An SEO Marketing Plan Today: SEO For Junk Removal

Marketing a junk removal business can be challenging even for the experienced marketer. SEO for Junk Removal is all we do and we’ve been at it now for more than a decade! We know it can be overwhelming trying to manage and grow a local service business, while managing a successful marketing campaign. Let us become your in-house marketing team and put your junk removal marketing plan on auto-pilot.

Join our community of service professionals. Enroll in the All-In-One Marketing Plan today and let our team handle all your website development, digital SEO Marketing and Ads Management so you can focus on being a CEO again.

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SEO for junk removal isn't just about driving traffic

it's about driving relevant traffic. It’s about ensuring that when someone needs junk removal services, it's your name that comes to mind first. At JunkBlitzPRO, our expertise ensures you’re always ahead of the curve, always seen, and always relevant.Ready to transform your business's digital presence? Don’t wait! Schedule your Action Call with us now to see if we can be a good fit for your business.

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